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We're clearing out the RPG shelves...
I mentioned on Facebook that we were getting rid of some RPG books. Turns out, about 185 of them.

For friends, I'll sell them at a fair price, but it's gotta be this week. Contact us if you're interested.

List is here:

If you can't get rid of them, my store will buy everything for $1 each plus shipping. Which I realize is a horrible low-ball offer, but will fit in with the time frame and would realistically allow me to turn profit.
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Glen, totally understand. It's probably better than we'd get at half-price books!

We'll see what we have left when our friends and the collectors' sites have taken some of it.

Also, if you ever come across a copy of Hunter Planet, the All Austrailian RPG, let me know. :)
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Happy birthday! Miss you and G. Hope that all is well in your corner of Austin. You know how I hate to criticize but don't you think buying yourself a brand new house is a leetle bit extravagant? Yeah, me neither. Hope it's a good one.
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I was just Googling myself and discovered that you have immortalized me on the web as the girl whose roommate posed for Playboy. I am mightily amused. I will never escape that, apparently.
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oops! Back in my callow youth (of 2006), it didn't occur to me that people might not want stories on the net with their names on them. My apologies.

That's on Christine Tremulet's blog. I can ask her to redact it, if you'd like.
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Pfft! No, worry not about it. I'm just very amused at how early in the Google list it comes up. I've tried to keep a low internet profile and I have apparently succeeded. I don't have any shame for my roommate having posed. I was just amused.

Hi, you!
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